Huntley School Teacher Contract Terms Filtering Out – Huge Win for Teachers

The teachers won.


No doubt about that, even though no one knows how much it will cost taxpayers.

Suffice is to say it will be a lot more than the cost of the board’s so-called “Last, Best and Final” offer would have been.

So much for School Board President Shawn Green’s pledge that any modifications would require a “Quid pro Quo” back on August 21st.

Green, by the way, attended very few hours of the negotiations, even though he was quoted as a source in the Northwest Herald.

The teachers got a salary increase of more than 18% over three years.

Pressure will now be put on the remaining parts of the budget.

Think computer replacement.

Educational materials.

Salaries of employees not a member of the Huntley Education Association

.And, the three days will be made up, so there will be no penalty for going on strike.

This board reminds me of the song about the girl that “just can’t say, ‘No.’” It was in the first musical I ever saw—Oklahoma. My little sister, my mother and I sat in the first row of the balcony in a Baltimore, Maryland, theater when I was maybe 5 or 6, sometime in the late 1940’s.

The HEA negotiators apparently were magnificent.

Accept our ultimatum now or call us when you do.

The board caved.

It seems the board majority thought it was its responsibility to do what it could to get the teachers back to work.

Other details I picked up.

Nothing in year one will be paid for the teachers’ share of their pension payment.

But, in year two, the taxpayers will pick up 1¼% of their Teachers Retirement System contribution.

That goes up to 2½% in the final year of the 3-year contract.

Those at the top of the scale will get a 4% raise, instead of the 2% offered by the Board in its so-called “Last, Best and Final” offer.

No word when the district will need another tax hike to pay for the benefits granted, not to mention future union demands.

Terms of the contract will be made public 48 hours before the vote under the ground rules agreed to by both sides.

That’s better than last time when not even all the board members—let along the public–got to see the contract before it was presented for approval.


Huntley School Teacher Contract Terms Filtering Out – Huge Win for Teachers — 2 Comments

  1. again it shows that the board has no guts at all. That said last and final offer, but apparently that was as much hot air as what the teachers and their handlers said “we will not strike as long as talks are going on”.Now the teachers are saying they are happy to be welcoming their students, what a bunch of ********. they are happy to be welcoming larger deposits in their bank accounts.

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