McHenry County Young Republicans Reorganize

I was in Andy’s Family Restaurant last Saturday morning and who should walk in but State Rep. Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake).

Tryon, whom I discovered was there in his role as McHenry County Republican Central Committee Chairman, was having breakfast with Crystal Lake’s Bryan Javor, its newly-elected president.

He’s about the same age as I was when I took over the reins when Jack Schaffer was off the Germany to serve in the Armed Forces.

For once, I didn’t have my camera, but Javor handed me his cell phone as if I would know how to use it.

He showed me what button to push and you seen the result.

Later he sent me this press release:

MCGOP Launches “Young Republicans”

Crystal Lake, IL… September 3rd 2008 at approximately 7:45 PM the McHenry County Republican Central Committee chartered The McHenry County Young Republicans (MCYR) and the 48 members it represents.

The MCYR are the 11th state recognized Young Republican organization. Prairie Grove native and Nunda 21 Precinct Committeemen Brent Smith and Dan Regna founded the organization with the assistance of Republican Party leaders.

Elections were held at the McHenry County Campaign Headquarters. Candidates elected were Bryan Javor as Chairman, Erica Poremba as Vice Chairman, Greg Austin as Treasurer and Garret Hill as Secretary.

The MCYR are looking for people between the ages of 18 and 40 to support McHenry County’s Republican leadership and values. For more information on membership please contact or visit

Later he emailed me this executive meeting notice:

Sunday September 21st the second executive board meeting will occur.

The MCYR Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary will be in attendance.

The meeting will determine who is appointed as committee Chairmen.

The available committee positions are Bylaw Chairman, Social Chairman, Fundraising Chairman and Membership Chairman.

Positions will be determined in part based on responses received from the MCYR Chairman’s survey and emailed request for additional member involvement.

The Executive board members will also choose a day for the next member meeting.

This will again be based largely on responses to the attached survey. The survey was sent September 14th using internet polling technology thru Poll Daddy.

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