Woodstock Resident Story Spreading Out

Chuck Keeshan’s Daily Herald story based on McHenry County Blog’s story about how the real motive of the person labeled the “Angel of Death” by Pete Gonigam caught the attention of Chicago media.

The novelty?

How often have you heard of an “Angel of Death” story where mercy was not the motive?

I certainly have never heard of a nurse who killed patients because they were tough to care for.

It’s a different angle, hence, newsworthy.

The Chicago Tribune put up a story by Jeff Long about noon.

ABC Channel 7 had a story last night.

So did CBS Channel Two.

CBS reporter Mike Puccinelli was surprised that the woman he interviewed, Jennifer Guasta, already knew what was in the Illinois Department of Public Health report he was reading her.

When asked how she knew, the now-deceased sister of John Sherman replied that she had read it on a blog.

Pucinelli asked which one.

You don’t need to ask which one printed Pete Gonigam’s story first, do you?

Guasta’s brother was a very large man who was quite difficult to move.

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