Huntley Teacher Union Leader Julie Hunter Makes Out Well

There’s good reason Huntley Co-President Julie Hunter led her teacher friends on strike.

It looks like she wanted to make sure she got a lot higher salary than what was in the Board’s last best and final offer.

You can compare salaries because the District posted the salaries on the District’s web site (see page 27).

So how did Conley Elementary School teacher Julie Hunter make out?

Well, it looks like with the money rearranging and bargaining she did, some of that money came her way.

How much more did “solidarity Julie” Hunter get compared to the Board’s last, best and final offer before school started?

It looks like the final contract ended up putting an additional $1,600+ in Hunter’s paychecks this year beyond what the Board offered in August.

Few teachers got that much more than what the Board offered before school started. Hunter will likely explain to her colleagues how it was coincidental the reallocation of the money the Board offered just happened to benefit herself.

Here’s this year’s >new base salaries for three female teachers on the union’s negotiating team. You decide if they were underpaid and “needed” raises twice the size of what they got.

The high school teacher above can teach only a maximum of 5 P.E. classes a day.

This is a roll-over provision from the previous contract into the new contract.

To be fair to board member Larry Snow, he was the only board member at that time who voted against the contract that added teaching a maximum of five classes a day at the high school including all P.E. teachers. Not too many papers to grade if you are a P.E. teacher.

The above salary dollars are only base salaries. All stipends, supervision, extracurriculars, curriculum work, bus duty , lunch duty, ticket taking duty etc. are all extra pay. That explains how Huntley has at least one teacher pulling down over $100,000 in this calendar year.

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This is one of the first photos I took on the first day of the Huntley Education Association’s strike. The female teacher ducked her head behind her sign when she saw my camera. Her male colleague seems amused at her shyness.

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