Greenberg Continues to Hammer Bean in 8th District Contest

Republican congressional candidate Steve Greenberg continues to hammer away at incumbent Democrat Melissa Bean. Today he asks ab out her fiscal conservative credentials. The press release follows:

Melissa Bean a Pro-Business Fiscal Conservative?
Recent History Paints a Drastically Different Picture

LAKE ZURICH 10/10/08 – Democrat Melissa Bean paints herself as a pro-business fiscal conservative, hoping that if she makes the claim enough times it will actually be true. However, a close inspection of her recent record paints a much different picture.

Melissa Bean voted for “Card Check”, which stripped away our workers’ right to secret balloting during unionization and increased the opportunity for coercion and pressure from union organizers. The Chamber of Commerce remains adamantly opposed to this bill, and even former Democratic Presidential Nominee George McGovern recently stated opposition to the bill, calling secret ballot elections a “basic right”.

Melissa Bean failed to vote on a budget resolution resulting in the largest tax increase in US history—at least $683 billion over the next 5 years. She voted for a $7.5 billion tax increase on US subsidiaries of foreign companies, threatening over 5 million American jobs. She has also voted repeatedly to raise taxes on domestic energy production. These votes led to her 2007 rankings of 201st by the Club for Growth, 25% by Americans for Tax Reform, and 22% by the National Taxpayers Union.

Melissa Bean has voted for millions of dollars of pork, including $2 million for corrupt, liberal Senator Charlie Rangel’s “Monument to Me”. She voted to add millions of dollars of pork to an Iraq war emergency spending bill, including $74 million for peanut storage, $25 million for spinach growers and $100 million for citrus growers. In 2007, Bean received an 8% rating from the Club for Growth and a 30% rating from the Citizens Against Government Waste.

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The press release says that research is available upon request.

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