A-LAW Endorses Hammerand, Jung and Schuster

The following press release has been received by the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water:

The Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water (ALAW) is pleased to support three candidates for McHenry County Board in the upcoming election: John Hammerand, District 4; John Jung Jr., District 5; Ersel Schuster, District 6. Please vote for these candidates if you live in their respective districts.

Each of these candidates demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the primary issues concerning our county, and the impact county board decisions can have on those concerns.

Each has made a commitment to preservation of our natural resources, our fresh water supply and our prime farmland. These goals are critical to maintaining our quality of life and economic viability in the county.

In addition each candidate has been accessible and responsive to our questions and shown a willingness to think independently and act accordingly.

Our survey and the responses of all candidates who answered are available by request at ALAW.

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