Democrats Go for Republican Vulnerabilities – 1

In the Democrats’ version of McHenry County Monopoly, perceived failings of the ruling party are laid out among the lots named after McHenry County towns.

I don’t agree with the layout.

The names of the towns used do not fit the places where they appear where they would be expected to appear on the game board.

It seems pretty random, rather than related to property value, but the Democrats probably didn’t want to offend residents of any part of the county with objective reality.

Where to start?

That’s the question.

How about “GO.”

In the Democratic Party game, “GO” says “STOP,”



The shape of a stop sign frames what’s said.

Next on the mailer’s version of Monopoly (where CHANCE usually is) are three monkeys—not talking, looking or hearing.

Above appears,


A solid hit, I would say.

In Monopoly the income tax space is next to Baltic Avenue.

Pay $200 or 10% of your cash.

Come to think of it, real Monopoly’s income tax is more like an asset tax.

And that’s what the real estate tax is.

A wealth tax.

In this game, it’s property taxes.


COLLECT $7,000

Beneath is a man pulling out his empty pockets.

Looks like he is wearing a tie.

Next we find the first railroad isn’t.

No way to take a ride on the READING RAILROAD in this game.

And no mention of the Springfield Democrats having imposed a tripling of the RTA Sales Tax this year. That appropriately should be left to McHenry County Republicans.

Anyway, it’s a big question mark with the word



Have you notice when politicians can’t prove something, they ask a question?

If there were corruption in the courthouse, don’t you think the Democrats should have taken it to the United States Attorney’s Office?

When I was McHenry County Treasurer in my mid-20’s, I looked for corruption. All I could find that was the slightest bit kinky was the proceeds of the Coke machine outside the door of the Sheriff’s Office going to the Deputy Sheriff’s Association, instead of the county treasury.

Of course, I may not have known where to look.

It wasn’t until later than my Dad was told by Sam Smunk, the slot machine repairman in the county, of the $1,000 payoffs he made weekly to both judges at the courthouse.

And the time had long past that the top floor of the old brick County Poor Farm (Valley Hi’s predecessor) was used to patch up gangland victims, during the 20’s and 30’s, I assume.

Guess it’s easier to make a vague political charge than to make a case that might stick.

Where the first COMMUNITY CHEST space would be the Democrats have put



There’s a bag of money between the contribution line that the contributor.

But, this probably can’t refer to a recent contribution from a developer. After all, they are in pretty bad shape.

Next comes the jail corner.

“Special Bond Hearing”

is under a man in a hat behind the familiar Monopoly bars. Maybe he’s the same guy with holding his empty pants pockets out.

If so, he must be in jail for some other reason. We don’t have debtors’ prison anymore.

What’s it all about?

You will notice that no names are mentioned by the Democrats, just innuendo.

Tomorrow – Side Two of the McHenry County Monopoly Board.

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