NEWS FLASH – Northwest Herald Covers Story Broken by McHenry County Blog Six Days Ago

OK, so I’m a little late reporting what was in the Northwest Herald today.

They ran a story that McHenry County Blog alerted the community to last Sunday.

I can report that more than one person at breakfast at Andy’s Family Restaurant this morning commented that there is not much in the Herald recently.

That’s perhaps to be expected with the remaining reporters having had the number of governments on their beats doubled.

And, there is that problem of declining advertising not only because of Craig’s List, but also because of the declining economy.

In any event, having been told of the situation by a friend of McHenry County Blog, last Saturday I drove over to Ken Bird Park to get some photos of where the Crystal Lake Park District has agreed to put a 75-foot cellular tower for T-Moble.

The reason?

$2,000 a month.

Considering there is a Lake in the Hills water tower pretty near the site, the proposal makes little sense to me.

I’ve been told that the photo shopped overlay of a cell tower wasn’t very realistic, but it’s not as if the park district sent me or anyone else a press release on the subject, complete with rendering. I’m thankful to fellow Crystal Lake blogger Allan Showalter for sharing his talents.

The Crystal Lake Park Board is expected to pull its re-zoning request from the Nov. 5th Crystal Lake Zoning and Planning Commission Agenda, allow folks to make public comment at its Thursday, Nov. 6th regular meeting, and set up a special meeting with those concerned and T-Moble sometime during November.

And, all of this happened before the Northwest Herald ran an article.

Imagine that.

And, what will it really look like?

A large flag pole, it is said.

Not like the cell tower you see above, which is located on Ackman Road just west of Huntley Road.

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