Algonquin Township Sends Out Mailer

This post card arrived yesterday. This the first time I remember Algonquin Township Republicans sending out a mailing.

The big stylized elephant appears on the address side, along with the Alqonquin Township Republican Central Committee’s web address.

It’s on thicker card stock than I have ever seen on campaign mailing.

On the back are the names of all of the candidates on the ballot throughout Algonquin Township.

For those new to the area and not up on political geography, Algonquin Township is in the southeastern corner of McHenry County. It is six miles from north to south and eight miles from east to west.

We live on the far northwestern corner. Our house in Lakewood is actually on the Algonquin-Grafton Township line.

Crystal Lake from about the middle of the lake east is in Algonquin Township if it is south of Crystal Lake Avenue. Draw a straight line east and you can get a general idea of how far north it goes in Cary.

On the south end, County Line Road (the Super Walmart is north of County Line) on Randall Road in Algonquin is the boundary line.

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