Con-Con Debate at MCC Tonight

I last saw Bruno Behrend at the Illinois Republican State Convention in Decatur in June.

He was manning a booth promoting the call for a new constitutional convention.

I got him to pose with a bumper sticker for his cause.

Now he is coming to Crystal Lake tonight to debate Greg Baise, head of the Illinois Manufacturers Association. Baise ran for State Treasurer in 1990, but lost to Pat Quinn.

Attention All Voters!

Every 20 years the Illinois constitution requires that a vote be taken on whether or not to hold a constitutional convention. This question will be on the ballot November 4th

Are You Prepared to Vote?

Convening a constitutional convention, a chance to rewrite the Illinois constitution, has several pros and cons.

What Can You Do?

Attend the constitutional convention debate hosted by:

Senator Pamela J. Althoff

Representative Jack D. Franks

Representative Michael W. Tryon

Illinois voters, this is your opportunity to listen, learn and ask questions at the:

Constitutional Convention Debate

McHenry County College

8900 US Highway 14, Crystal Lake, IL 60012

Thursday, October 30 at 7:00 P.M.

Pro: Mr. Bruno Behrend, co-founder of the Illinois Citizen Coalition and co-author of Illinois Deserves Better

Con: Mr. Greg Baise who is President and CEO of the Illinois Manufacturing Association and also on the Executive Committee for the Alliance to Protect the Illinois Constitution


Con-Con Debate at MCC Tonight — 1 Comment

  1. I am disappointed and certainly not persuaded by Cal Skinner’s opinion that we should not have a constitutional convention in Illinois that allows citizens to come together to debate critical issues affecting our children’s futures.

    Cal what kind of educational reform have we gotten from a political grid locked legislature that has so frustrated Cook County Senator Meeks that he brought 1,400 poor public school students to meet the affluent New Trier students?

    Do we have to go to court for educational funding reforms because they cannot be addressed in the legislature? Apparently so because the Chicago Urban League claims there is a racial divide –a school funding inequity. Many agree. This is a civil rights issue and that is why a new group of black leaders have filed a lawsuit against the State of Illinois and Board of Education.

    Are we now deaf to the public outrage for property tax reform? Property tax reform is fundamentally connected to educational funding reform. No significant changes have passed out of the legislature to address under funded schools and over taxed residents and businesses for decades.
    More so than any other time in our history we have a moral duty to take leadership and hold a constitutional convention to address specific issues like education, state and property taxation. If not now in 2008 when in 2028 when the con con question is up again?

    The status quo lobbyists, union guards are using fear tactics—selfishly lamenting a convention is going to take teachers pensions away. This is a lie.

    Teacher unions banning against the convention are protecting one of the most important key issue of their day — themselves.

    Our public school system is deplete of spiritual, moral and financial resources thanks to legislative political gridlock and those short sighted members of “Alliance to Protect the Status Quo”

    Students should be everyone’s priority. They are the future of Illinois and those rallying against a con con are grossly disingenuous about their legislative efforts to address our tax and educational FAILED systems.

    I guess we’re just too stupid, clueless and leaderless to work on the democrat process in our own back yards where the legislature has consistently failed us.

    Shame on tired civic leaders in their 80’s these yesteryear civic do-gooders do not speak for me or my kid’s future.

    I voted for a better future that I and my children will live in. I urged everyone to vote for real change a constitutional convention November 4, 2008.

    Too bad we were out spent by $1.6 million. This money did not fix the problems illinois faces.

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