Scott Summers Issues Statement

Green Party candidate for the 16th District congressional district has issued this statement:

November 5, 2008

Dear Friends:

Thank you for your encouragement and support of my candidacy for U.S. Congress. Please join me in congratulating and thanking Mr. Abboud and Congressman Manzullo.

So what’s next?

I expect to remain engaged in the public interest. And I expect that this will manifest itself in multiple ways.

I’ll continue to serve as a community college trustee.

I’ll continue to blog on matters of politics and public policy at

I’ll continue to develop and articulate some of my public policy ideas through writing and advocacy. Watch in the coming months for me to elaborate on my concepts of

(1) “microcapitalism” (that is, grassroots economic development through new home-based businesses) and

(2) community-based business cooperatives in the style of the old time general store.

I’ve already reserved a couple of domain names: and (See you there early next year!)

Might I turn now to litigating in the public interest? I’ll have to think about that.

Will I run for office in 2010? I’ll have to think about that, too.

Finally — I’ll actually combine civics with a bit of fun during 2009 as I work with the McHenry County Lincoln Bicentennial Birthday Committee ( I’ll be authoring a regular “Thinkin’ of Lincoln” column and – yes – occasionally impersonating the man at community events, and reciting excerpts from his speeches.

In short – I’m going to keep on going.

Stay in touch at this e-mail address: Scott (at)

Thanks again.



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