Bachmann Concedes Coroner’s Race to Lantz

Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Coroner Dave Bachmann has issued the following statement of concession:

“I congratulate Ms. Lantz on her Re-Election.
“Participating in this wonderful process we call Democracy, has been a distinct pleasure and a life’s experience I shall forever feel blessed to have been a part of.
“In 2002, I was told I would die within 8 months of my 42nd birthday, the day I was diagnosed with cancer.

“Although I have survived a near fatal brush with death, my campaign ‘Bachmann for Coroner’ on the other hand, can now be forever placed into eternal rest.
“My plans are to relocate back to Mexico to continue a project I began in 2005. That being, opening the country’s first Mortuary School in Puebla Mexico.

“Again, its been a distinct pleasure. I wish all office holders well!

“Remember to laugh each and every day. That ‘perspective’ is really the key to true happiness!”

To show he has a sense of humor, he sent these photos.

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