Third Candidate Trying for Ken Koehler Fill-in Spot

A friend of McHenry County Blog has informed us that there is a third member of the McHenry County Board who would like the number two spot.

And, it’s another woman—Barb Wheeler, who lives north of Crystal Lake.

The two other female candidates are Woodstock’s Tina Hill and McHenry’s Sandra Salgado.

Wheeler’s political involvement goes at least back to when she ran for Republican precinct committeeman while still living at home with her Salvi parents. She was 21. Her bothers include former State Rep. Al Salvi and Dr. Tom Salvi, who almost beat State Rep. Jack Franks in 2000.

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In the photo above, McHenry County Board member Barb Wheeler is on the right. On the far left is her husband Joe Wheeler. In the middle, from left to right, are Nunda Township Precinct Committeeman Bob Borchert and 8th district Republican candidate for Congress, Steve Greenberg. The photo was taken at the Nunda Township Republican Central Committee picnic in early August.

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