McHenry County College Board Packets Not Posted Still Again

This is getting old.

Can anyone see a pattern in the four images above? (Click to enlarge each of the four images.)

You’ve figured it out, if you looked at the bottom of the images.

Meeting agendas, but no board packets.

Most recently–Friday night to be specific–the McHenry County College Board has a Committee of the Whole meeting on the 18th. The agenda is posted, but there is no board packet so the public can see what is to be considered.

My understanding is that board packets would be posted two business days ahead of a meeting.

Unless someone’s going to be working Sunday, meeting that standard will be impossible.

Now we have both the Huntley School Board and the McHenry County College Board reneging on their promises of transparency.

Maybe the board should work something into the contract of MCC President Walt Packard and School District 158 John Burkey to financially penalize them every time their staff can’t or is told not to post what the board will be seeing as they sit in their board meetings.

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