MCC’s Missing Committee of the Whole Board Packet Appears

I checked late last night and found the McHenry County College Board’s missing Committee of the Whole packet.

It’s a list of

It’s all about stakeholders, but no where do I see any attempt at reaching out to the phalanx of angry stakeholders who brought about the defeat of the publicly-financed minor league baseball stadium

I skimmed over them and saw the word “taxpayer” once.

Can you find it more than once?

Just an oversight, I’m sure, but I’d think that the folks paying most of the bill might get a more prominent mention as a “stakeholder.”

Hey. I’ve got an idea.

How about posting what the board is going to discuss the same day the board members get it?

That would be a small demonstration that MCC thinks taxpayers have a stake in the process.

The meeting is tomorrow night at 6 PM.

It looks like it will be a very touchy-feely meeting.

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