Harvard School Superintendent Lauri Tobias and Union President Mary Cooke Confer with Pam Althoff re Pension Limit Busting

OK, so the type above is too small to read. Click on the image to enlarge it or trust what I have typed below is accurate:

Harvard CUSD is launching a campaign to eliminate the six percent limitation on TRS [Teacher Retirement System] earnings. Through discussions with Senator Pamela Althoff, it was determined that we attempt a collaborative, county-wide approach.

We are asking districts to pass this information onto their local union presidents and school board presidents. Interested superintendents, union presidents, and school board presidents should then contact District 50 representative Superintendent Lauri Tobias ([email protected]) and/or HEA President Mary Cooke ([email protected]) if they would like to participate.

A meeting has been set for Wednesday, December 10 at 6 PM, in the Harvard High School Cafeteria. In order to plan appropriately, please ask anyone who plans to attend to contact Lauri or Mary.

Not wanting to implicate newly-re-elected State Senator Pam Althoff without giving her a chance to comment on the invoking of her name in the communication above, I sent her this mid-afternoon email:

I have been informed that you are considering introducing or supporting legislation that would allow TRS enrollees to upwardly modify the 6% end- of-career pension ceilings.

May I have some comment that I can publish with the story tomorrow?

No reply was received before I went to bed.

I shall be happy to publish any reply I subsequently receive.

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