Five Townships Request GOP Primary Elections

Republican township organizations in the five largest townships have requested primary elections for township office.

According to McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz, Republican party officials in Algonquin, McHenry, Nunda, Grafton and Dorr Townships want voters, rather than themselves, to select their candidates.

These are the largest townships in McHenry County. The 2005 populations were listed as

98,481 – Algonquin Township
46,358 – McHenry Township
41,447 – Grafton Township
38,605 – Nunda Township
19,884 – Dorr Township

That means over 80% of the county’s voters will face a primary election.

It is yet to be seen if any Democratic Party township challengers will follow in the footsteps of most of their McHenry County Democratic Party county candidates and refuse to allow any input from voters at the ballot box.

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