The Nancy Scalero Story – Part 2

Nancy Scalero

Yesterday, I gave a hint of what interested Crystal Laker Nancy Scalero, who died in August.

I found evidence of her Kitchen Militia in the minutes of April 18, 2000, McHenry County Board meeting.

At a September gathering we had, many proclaimed her the “Captain” of the Kitchen Militia.

She was also a Republican Precinct Committeeman in McHenry County.

Her daughter spoke for the family and did a superb job.

Nancy and her husband Richard were, would you believe, hippies.

At least that is how they and their friends dressed.

So, to all who think the youth of American are stuck in a Barack Obama time warp, there is hope, based on the way that Nancy and Richard turned out.

Nancy and Richard Scalero in their hippie days.

Nancy and Richard Scalero in their hippie days.

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