Another Nomination for the McHenry County Seal

As I was reflecting on the desire of the McHenry County Board’s Management Services Committee’s desire to symbolize the area on the new seal it is considering, I got two thoughts.

Why not just use the symbol of horror conjured up by the Bull Valley Courier about what will be built on the Ann Kaiser farm, if the farm were not annexed to Bull Valley Village?

Clearly Bull Valley is not like the rest of McHenry County. It has the worst roads of any municipality and it doesn’t have any subdivisions that look like the picture above, which I think is no where in McHenry County.

Somewhat close to what some people in Bull Valley fear enough to trespass and steal signs placed with permission on private property is this shot of Lake in the Hills from Randall Road.

Maybe the county board can figure out how to put a typical subdivision and or traffic lights with red light cameras on one of the quadrants its committee seems fore destined to create.

It seems to me that Dick Tracy would be a lot less controversial.

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