Grafton Township Salaries

Previously, McHenry County Blog has shared future salaries for four of the five largest townships in McHenry County:

Today, we take a look at what’s up for those who win April’s elections in Grafton Township, which is composed of Huntley, plus western Lake in the Hills and Lakewood.

The township supervisor will receive $54,075.63. That includes $1,000 for being the township road district treasurer. The base salary seems to increase 4% per year, rising to $60,702.85 in 2012.

The township road commissioner gets $63,138 the first year of his new term. That goes up to $71,022 in the fourth year.

The township assessor will get $68,814 in 2010, rising to $77,406 in the fourth year in office.

The township clerk is set for $9,967 starting next year; $11,212 after three years of the next term is up.

The supervisor, road commissioner, assessor and clerk also are entitled to “township health and life insurance plan for qualified officials and dependents.”

Township trustees will get $100 a meeting with no annual raises.

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