Praise for 1776, Our Favorite Restaurant

I took my camera into Crystal Lake’s 1776 Thursday night and the colors on the sign outside prompted me to take this photo.

Looks like the place is open Sunday’s this month.

I wanted a photo of Andy Andresky for a future story, but his wife Teri said he took Thursdays off.

It was an adult meal; our son was occupied elsewhere with a friend’s new video game.

Since our son arrived, we haven’t been in as often as before. But, every time, we enjoy it.

The restaurant is located where the old Kentucky Fried Chicken was. Before that, back in the 1950’s when I attended Crystal Lake Community High School, in an another building there was a bait and tackle shop.

For the year after it opened, I didn’t enter its doors. Then Forrest Hare invited me out for lunch and I discovered 1776’s white pizza.

When I read the dinner menu later, it had a price for steak. There was a different, higher price for Republicans.

I figured the owner must have a sense of humor.

Andy Andresky certainly does.

He delighted in telling people his chef graduated from the C.I.A.

Didn’t know they trained chefs, did you?

It’s the Culinary Institute of America.

This is the restaurant where we held all of our $100 a plate fundraising dinners during the 1990’s.

What can I say?

We enjoy the food, the patriotic ambiance and the proprietors.

In a bow to the economy, 1776 now has $3 hamburgers and serves up half a trout with vegetables to $10. And, not just for lunch.

I was hungry Thursday night, so I bought a whole trout for $20. Two orders of the $10 version would have yielded more veggies, I noticed.

Others were taking advantage of Thursday’s nine-course tapas tasting with wine to fit each dish.

Reservations are useful Friday and Saturday nights, but, otherwise, just stop in.

You won’t be disappointed.

1776 is on Route 14 between McHenry and Dole Avenues at 397 Virginia Avenue. The phone number is 815-356-1776. You can’t miss the sign at night.

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