The Vice Chairmanship Fight on the McHenry County Board

As reported the day it happened, Crystal Lake businessman Jim Heisler (R-Crystal Lake) defeated McHenry board member Sandy Salgado (R-McHenry) 15-9.

All three Democrats supported Salgado, along with four of her female colleagues.

Let me give you an idea of what led up to the vote—at least the county board part.

Cary’s Yvonne Barnes nominated Salgado. Mary McCann (R-Woodstock) put Heisler’s name in nomination.

Then, Randy Donley (R-Union) nominated Barb Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake), who had just lost her chairmanship race to Ken Koehler.

Wheeler declined Donley’s nomination.

Just as he did with the county board chairman candidates, Democrat Jim Kennedy asked the candidates to tell why they were running for the office.

Anna Miller (R-Cary) read a prepared statement in support of Heisler, arguing it is the “vice chairman’s role to support the chairman.”

She also cited Heisler’s “strong personal skills.”

Barnes described Salgado’s “long history of working hard for the good of the people.”

She pointed out that her candidate had “no personal motivations,” was “goal oriented, results driven and a person of compassion.”

Salgado herself rose to Kennedy’s request saying,
“This was an opportunity I did not see presenting itself…but when it did, I welcome it.”

Perhaps Salgado was thinking of outgoing vice chairman John Jung’s loss to Lake in the Hills Trustee Paula Yensen.

Heisler received the support of the following 15 Republicans:

Bob Bless – District 1
Scott Breeden – District 2
Randy Donley – District 6
Mary Donner – District 3
Ed Dvorak – District 3
John Hammerand – District 4
Jim Heisler – District 2
Tina Hill – District 5
Ken Koehler – District 2
Mary McCann – District 6
Marc Munaretto – District 1
Anna Miller – District 1
Lyn Orphal – District 2
Dan Ryan – District 6
Ersel Schuster – District 6

Republicans for Salgado follow:

Yvonne Barnes – District 1
Sue Draffkorn – District 4
Virginia Peschke – District 6
Sandra Salgado – District 4
Barb Wheeler – District 3

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McHenry County Board member Sandra Salgado is seen in the top photo; Jim Heisler in the one at the bottom.

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