Grafton Township GOP Primary Draws Competition for Township Supervisor

Linda Moore, the woman who came within 14 votes of winning a seat on the Huntley School Board, has thrown her hat in the Grafton Township Supervisor ring.

She is challenging one-term Supervisor John Rossi. Until this past spring, Rossi served as the Grafton Township Republican Central Committee Chairman.

Moore was most recently in the news for re-surfacing the suggestion of using wrist radios on autistic and Down Syndrom children and adults who might wander off.

Moore was a big reason that Seneca Township Supervisor Ersel Schuster won her nomination for McHenry County Board. Moore tirelessly campaigned door-to-door for her.

Grafton Township Republican precinct committeemen decided to hold a primary election this year for the first time. Four years ago, the first time Republicans mounted a slate, nomination was made in a caucus.

If Democrats want to run candidates for township office in Grafton or anywhere else, they will have to conduct a caucus to select them.

In no township are Democrats holding a primary election where their party’s voters can have a say at the ballot box.

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Moore is seen on the far right hand side of the stage about to speak to those gathered at the grand opening of Advocate Good Shepherd’s new Board Certified Emergency Room Doctor-staffed facility right across from the Pingree Road Metra Train Station.

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