Two More File for Crystal Lake City Council

Two more candidates have filed for the Crystal Lake City Council since I talked to City Clerk Roger Dreher on Monday.

No one has filed against Nick Kachiroubas to run for Crystal Lake City Clerk to replace the retiring Dreher.

Monday afternoon incumbent Dave Goss filed his petition.

Because four people filed ahead of him, Goss will appear fifth on the ballot.

Tuesday, Salvatore Dibenedetto of 1,400 Park Ridge Drive turned in his papers.

He will appear sixth on the ballot below Goss and

The ballot order of the top four will not be determined until next Tuesday at 10 AM after filing has closed.

At least one other candidate has told McHenry County Blog that she intends to file. Her name is Kay Stanish.

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The picture on top is of incumbent Crystal Lake City Council member Dave Goss.

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