It Beginning to Look a Lot Like Deliberate

Either that or incompetence.

For probably the fourth money (and I’m not wasting my time going back and counting), the McHenry County College administration has failed to live up to its promise to post what are called “board packets” in a timely fashion.

Usually, I check the Friday before the Monday Committee of the Whole meetings to see what is up.

There’s even a special board meeting Monday where the faculty union contract will be probably be approved.

Agendas are on the college web site, but no board packets.

Wouldn’t you deduce that from the following agenda item?

“Agreement Between Board of Trustees and McHenry County College Faculty Association, Board Report #08-265”

But, unlike in Huntley School District 158, the public will have no advance notice of how high the raises will be.

We don’t get to look at Board Report #08-265 for the 6 PM Monday meeting.

I did it at 9:30 Sunday night this time around.

So, we are less than 24 hours before the meeting and citizens are not allowed to see what the board members will consider Monday night.

Do you think salaries amount to 80% of MCC’s budget, the way they tend to in school districts?

No reason for the public to know anything about such a piddling amount, right?

I think it was last month I suggested a $100 personal fine for President Walt Packard every time a board packet was not posted in a timely fashion.

I doubt anything else will catch his attention.

Maybe $100 is too small, but some monetary fine would catch his attention.

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