Big Jobs in Nunda Township Go Unchallenged

Filing for the five Republican township primaries in McHenry County has ended and the major Nunda Township officers have emerged unchallenged, according to Township Clerk Bridgett Provenzano.

That means Supervisor John Heisler, Road Commissioner Don Kopsell, Assessor Dennis Jagla and Clerk Provenzano can relax between now and the February 24th township primary election.

However, there does appear to be a spirited contest for township trustee in the offing.

With the death of Township Trustee Walt Romanus, the Nunda Township Board appointed former Township Clerk and McHenry County Board member Dick Meyers as his replacement last week.

Those running for township trustee follow in alphabetical order:

  • Kelvin (Lee) Jennings, who applied unsuccessfully for the Romanus vacancy
  • Dick Meyers, appointed incumbent
  • Thomas Palmer, incumbent
  • Kevin Sarnwick, incumbent
  • James Schlader, incumbent
  • Joni Smith

Four will emerge as primary winners.

Nunda Township runs north from Crystal Lake Avenue in Crystal Lake into the southern part of McHenry north of Bull Valley Road. Its western boundary goes north from the middle of Crystal Lake. The Lake County line is its eastern boundary.

Democrats could caucus in mid-January and name opposing candidates.

If so, it would be much like the state Democrats, who are now backing away from U.S. Senator Dick Durbin’s suggestion to hold a special election to select President-elect Barack Obama’s replacement.

Why hold an election to select the party’s candidate when an appointment is so much less dangerous?


Big Jobs in Nunda Township Go Unchallenged — 5 Comments

  1. I just met Dennis Jagla two weeks ago. He really needs to consider changing his diet and activity. During our assessment appeal review, I thought he was going into cardiac arrest. My eight year old son kept whispering to me, “What’s wrong with that man?” I thought fellow board member Donna Mayberry was going to bust out the ComEd paddles and yell “Clear!”

    BTW, I should mention if you get in front of Mary Mahady during your assessment review, LOOK OUT! This lady is out for tax blood. A very mean spirited lady with a serious ego problem. Unfortunately, Donna Mayberry follows in a close second place. These two women do not seem to care about anybody. A real shame, and embarrassment for McHenry. Jan George Hervert seemed to be okay during the review. Robin Brunschon seemed hell bent on getting us out of the review as quickly as possible…never mind my $18,437 residential property tax bill is completely out of alignment with the past three years of market. I’d love to hear other’s experience with this board.

  2. Your information is inaccurate. My name is Alan Weaver. I am a Republican candidate for Assessor in Nunda Township. My paperwork was filed December 11 and I have receipt in hand.

    It does a disservice to the voters of our community when it is reported that the sitting officials have no competition and that they have no viable options for change.

  3. Hi Alan. Please tell us more about yourself, or where we can find out about you. Jagla, Mahady, and Brunschon are a disgrace. I too met with this board to review my taxes a week ago. During the review, Mary Mahady had the balls to start advising me about what kind of improvements I should be doing to my house. I’ve been out of job since the August, and this lady is lecturing me to spend more money on projects for my house. She is a nut case. Your candidacy for Assessor in Nunda Township would be a welcome event. Please tell us more.

  4. Please visit my website for more information. There is a link near the bottom of the page for you to contact me personally.

    I firmly believe that ciizens need alternatives and choices beyond the status quo.

    Government only works if people are willing to get involved. Elections only work if there are choices.

    I encourage everyone to look for alternatives and decide who is the best when they have have a CHOICE!

  5. Nice! Thanks for posting Alan. I just forwarded your information to everyone on our neighborhood email list. I think you would be a welcome change for Nunda.

    One of the things you mentioned on your website:
    “…the current hours of 7:00am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday do not serve the working citizens of Nunda Township.”
    Good point! That is a testament of how out of touch the current assessment office is with this community. If you want to meet with them to appeal your property tax, you will need to take a vacation day from work. Why? More than 70% of the working class in McHenry commutes out of the county to go to work. In other words, nobody is local to their Woodstock office during the day. A 10am to 6:30pm would be a step in the right direction.

    Other points of Nunda Assessor problems:
    1. Dennis Jagla decided to have have a physical townhall meeting this past year to discuss how to lower your taxes. Fine. However, Dennis, with his pre-1980 thinking, fumbled the ball on this one. It’s no secret, we live in a much more connected world…where was the video from this meeting? We have kids posting videos all day long on YouTube, GoogleVideo, Yahoo, and Flickr with little effort. WTF? If Dennis thinks this is too much trouble and effort for Nunda taxpayers…my +$18,000 tax bill says otherwise.

    2. The standard form for residential complaints is in a PDF format. In other words, you cannot fill in the information via your computer. You have to print it, and scribble it. At that point you are stuck with a hardcopy to be sent via pony express, snail mail, etc…..for the love of God, give us something we can edit and send back electronically. It’s not a budget buster to get this done.

    3. Many people like to include pictures of comparables with their form to make their case. Faxing it to the Woodstock office is not in the cards. Why? Their fax machine does not exactly yield quality photos for your documents. At the review, you will be left with faxed photos that look like ink blot tests from a psych ward. Without clear photos your chances of making a good case are reduced.

    Alan, you gotta get into Nunda citizens minds NOW. Market, market, market. Flyers, cards, signs. Do a brief YouTube video and have it on your website. Have your Web address on your flyer and mention the video. Doing it now is key as people are doing their tax protests. Get your message out there.

    It’s time to kick some ASS-essments on February 24, 2009!

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