Blago Merits YouTube Parody from New York

McHenry County Blog made a list of blogs about Governor Rod Blagojevich by a New York law professor, which led to my being contacted by Bruce Hopwell.

Here’s how Cornell Associate Clinical Law Professor describes McHenry County Blog on his Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion‘s “The Official Guide To Blagojevich Blogs:”

McHenry County Blog – Focuses on McHenry County (duh!) but now on the trail of Blago, with great screen shots of headlines and videos.

Hopwell sent me this email:


What do you get when you cross a corrupt Illinois governor with a double-murdering ex-NFL star?

Musical parody magic!!

Follow O.J. Simpson and Rod Blagojevich on the road to prison, and see all the loveable lawbreakers and famous felons they meet along the way. Check out “All-Star Jailhouse Rock” at . Please feel free to post or just pass around.

Take a look and we think you’ll agree: what we do to this Elvis classic is criminal!


Bruce and Ross Hopman
(a.k.a. Parody & Son)

I asked him where he was from and got this answer:

That’s a tough one.
When it’s cold, I’m from Florida.
When it’s hot, I’m from New York.

But Chicago really is my favorite city — despite all of this nonsense!!

(And I once shot a commercial with Michael Jordan, so doesn’t that give me honorary citizen status or something?)

OK. Here’s his and his son’s parody:

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