Lakewood Has Banned Phosphorus Fertilizers

Somehow I missed this change in one of my local ordinances.

Lakewood has banned fertilizers containing phosphorus.

Good for Lakewood!

That’s an element that Crystal Lake has somehow managed to avoid becoming more polluted with, hearings on the McHenry County College baseball stadium zoning request revealed. Something about the elements in the gravel through which water is filtered on the way to the lake binding to the phosphorus. The “experts” were not completely clear as to the reason, just that that potential pollutant has not increased in the last twenty years.

Pretty amazing considering the Chem Lawn, etc., businesses have grown so much over the last two decades.

In November, Crystal Lake banned the use of phosphorus in new developments on the watershed.

That was not as courageous as the action taken by the Lakewood Village Board.

Crystal Lake has many, many homes in the watershed of Crystal Lake where there are no restrictions on the application of fertilizer containing phosphorus.

Since I haven’t used fertilizers for years (it just encourages the grass to grow and you know who mows the lawn), having missed the new ordinance made no difference to me.

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