I wish I could take credit for the headline, but that was State Rep. Mike Tryon’s description to what was happening to U.S. Senate Leader Harry Reid (Nevada) yesterday.

Fox News’ Brian Wilson observed after the Reid-Dick Durbin and Roland Burris press conferences,

“The fix is in.”

He seems to understand at least some of the terminology of Illinois politics.

In his press conference, the media acted as if Burris had won his fight to get in the U.S. Senate.

Later Wilson offered an unknowing description of “Blagojeviching:”

“What we have is two political systems that are colliding. All you need is a couple of trained ponies and you have a three-ring circus.”

Of course, there are more that two trained Illinois “ponies” in the arena.

Think Lisa Madigan, who now says Jesse White’s signature is not needed on Rod Blagojevich’s paper appointing Burris.

And, we haven’t even mentioned Mike Madigan or Pat Quinn or Dick Durbin.

And, it didn’t even take the demonstrations I suggested New Year’s Day on Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day.

It is obvious that the playing of the “race card” by Blagojevich and Congressman/former Black Panther Bobby Rush has been successful.

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Click on the Burris screen and take a closer look at the three boxes of the top stories on Fox. All three are from Illinois.

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