The Illinois Circus Continues

You have to give Governor Rod BlaGONEvich credit.

He can still make me smile.

Even chuckle.

His parade of poster children and adults prior to his “no questions” press conference and pointing to a couple during it made the point that health care can help people.

An organ transplant for a 19-year old who was too old for All Kids. Breast cancer discovery and treatment resulting.

His lawyers said it was OK to ignore the General Assembly’s lack of approval.

Blagojevich is an expert at using other people’s money to do good things.

Whether he has legislative permission or not.

And, by the way,


= = = = =
On top you see Defiant Rod Blagojevich. In the middle is a photo of the people helped by government health programs that Blagojevich paraded as a shield to his impeachment today. The bottom photo is of Blagojevich walking out of the press conference without answering any questions.

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