Cary School Board Goes for $17 Million ; 5 of 7 Seats Up for Grabs

It’s too early for the Olympics, but it’s never too early to try to pry more money out of taxpayers’ pockets.

At its meeting Tuesday, the Cary District 26 Grade School Board voted 4-3 to seek referendum approval to issue $17 million in bonds.

My understanding is that $10 million is for capital projects and $7 million for Working Cash, but, having left two messages with District 26, I have no verification.

I am no fan of Working Cash Funds.

They are mechanisms whereby school districts borrow money for current operations and, after having drained the fund, borrow the money again.

Voting for the measure were

  • Board President Craig Loew
  • Stephen Bush
  • Julie Jette
  • Dave Ruelle

Those opposed were

  • Chris Jenner
  • Randy Lawrence
  • Julie Lehman

Meanwhile District 26 had four 4-year seats and one 2-year seat open on the school board.

Filing at 8 A.M. Were Jenner, Loew and newcomer and board critic Chris Spoerl. Who appears in what order on the ballot will be determined by lottery.

I’m told that six have filed for the 4-year openings, but District 26 school officials did not return my call.

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