Crystal Lake’s Village Road Speedway – Part 1

January 12th I got the following email from a Village Road homeowner in Crystal Lake via the link at the bottom of this web page.

His neighbors were the victims of a 17-year old girl’s ramming her vehicle into their home.

The email follows:


We live on Village Road in Crystal Lake off Swanson.

I think they think they are at the INDY 500 here.

Before last night a car actually flew over berm and took out 2 driveway lights on the house on the corner, the Gilberts, and damaged the grass, and same house had another car drive thru yard at high speed ripping up grass again.

Last night it was a 17 yr old girl who took out 2 trees just missed fire hydrant lost pieces of her SUV along the way on right side of street.

Then (she) flew across the street up over massive snow bank until she slammed into a house.

Someone got out and ran, and then she backs up a few times, puts it in 4X4 and flies out again flying over yet another snow bank and leaving the seen of the accident.

Due to shift change police didn’t show up until home owner chased and caught them with the help of the Lake in the Hills police who we hear on the scanner were helping, fire truck arrives, ambulance, still not CL police.

Home owner makes offender drive back to his house and finally CL police show up saying it was shift change.

People just fly down this street and someone could get killed.

Many many many children live on this block and the one street light only works when it wants to and complaints have been made about that too and nothing happens.

Ok thanks for letting me vent.


Crystal Lake’s Village Road Speedway – Part 1 — 1 Comment

  1. “Shift change” is a far, far, far out-moded procedure that strips a city/town of police protection three times/day. Why no police chief has grabbed the bull by the horns and changed procedures, I suppose no one knows. Shift changes should be staggered to keep at least some officers on the street. If you need a cop at shift change, forget it. And not just in Crystal Lake, either!

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