Primary, Primary, When Should It Be?

As one who won his first primary election on June 13, 1966, I would like to put in a pitch for a June primary.

There is plenty of light for a challenger to knock on doors after work. And, it is warm enough.

That, of course, is the reason the June primary was switched to March.

Less daylight time to knock on doors and less comfortable weather.

A June primary gives enough time to heal any wounds created by a primary contest.

There is adequate time between the primary money raising time and the necessary November fund raising, if one has a opposite party opponent. (Having a September primary might cause donor stress.)

McHenry County’s Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks has advocated a late summer primary, according to Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn, who favors a June primary.

Governor Pat Quinn likes September.

My prediction that is that the primary will remain in February, a time of year when candidate manpower cannot be used to overcome candidate money.

It’s a date almost guaranteed to re-nominate the most incumbents.

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And the picture?

I was looking for something summery and found this of teens diving off the raft at Lakewood’s Gate 7 Beach.

Summer doesn’t have the kind of wind chill today does.

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