Message of the Day – Liberty

I must admit I had no idea why this young woman was dressed like the Statue of Liberty.

Was it a Libertarian Party promotion?

Was the McHenry County Peace Group making a point as they did when they were not allowed in the Crystal Lake Gala’s 4th of July Parade?

Fortunately, we hit the red light at Algonquin Road so that I could open the window and ask.

When she saw me taking pictures, she waved.

Then, she walked over.

“Why are you dress like that?” I asked.

“Liberty Tax,” she said pointing toward the strip mall.

On our way home on Randall Road, I saw Liberty Tax in the far northwestern corner of the strip mall at the northeastern corner of the intersection of Randall and Algonquin Roads.

This young lady was friendlier that the one in New York City’s harbor.


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