District 300 School Board Candidate Robert Lee Offers Evaluation Ideas

The following press release was received from Carpentersville School District 300 candidate Robert Lee:


Robert Lee offered details on improving the program evaluation process in District 300. He called for the inclusion of program specific quality objectives for the Education Program Review Technique (EPRT) to consider when evaluating programs, and the inclusion of those quality objectives on the District’s new online dashboard.

“Many successful companies and government bodies use quality objectives to drive the focus of their internal activities. District 300 should make the same effort,” said Lee. “Students and families rely on the programs we offer to help build their educational framework. If we offer ineffective programs, we are threatening the strength of that education.”

Lee continued by explaining that quality objectives are program specific goals that can be measured against quantitative data outputs. This data will identify which programs are meeting their goals, and even whether or not the educational goals of a specific program are reflective of what that program should do.

“We can begin to incorporate this information into an understandable and practical reflection of District 300 activities. We already have the tools in place to use this information – the Board EPRT Committee, District 300’s online dashboard – so it is now time we start making a stronger effort to use them.

“As our school district grows, we need to build a sophisticated culture of data driven program evaluation. The current board has made tremendous progress.

“Now is the time to build on that success. By focusing on these quality objectives, we as a District can provide a better educational environment for all students and families with less of an impact to their property taxes. We can get twice the educational value at half the price.”

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