Message of the Day – Hearts A-Popping

We got all the Christmas decorations down but the electric candles in the windows.

It’s before Valentine’s Day.

Isn’t that the accepted schedule?

Then, I noticed heart-themed items showing up in the house.

A pillow.

But that might have been around before.


I remember.

It’s the one we stick in the microwave oven for a couple of minutes to sooth a hurting muscle.

But, I know the place mats and the dish on the little iron rack are new.

There has been a heart on top of the paper towel holder, but those new cloth hand towels were not there before. (The other ones absorbed water better, so I’d guess the heart-themed ones have not been washed too many times, if at all.)

When I went out to the sun porch to water the plants, I noticed a (new?) table cloth with hearts.

There may be other new hearts around the house, but I get the point.

Think a computer wrapped in pink paper with lots of ribbons and a couple of bunnies—what the Tiger Direct guy suggested—will do?

Really. She says she wants to do scrapbooking.

No…I better buy a card, too.

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