No Dancing for Arenda Troutman Today

The former Chicago Alderwoman was sentenced to four years in jail today.

Besides the dance floor, she danced with developers.

She apologized in court, according to the Chicago Sun-Times article by Jacobs High School graduate Natasha Korecki.

Troutman is best known for saying,

Well, the thing is, most alderman, most politicians are hos.”

She carried a gun to make her “feel safe,” which would have been legal because he was one of the favored few who can legally protect themselves in Chicago. But she didn’t file the necessary registration papers.

She didn’t lose her government pension by being indicted, but the conviction, admitting taking kickbacks of about $60,000 in her plea agreement did the trick.

Troutman received contributions from far and wide. One landscaper had a business operation in Algonquin.

Defeated for re-election, she left her office empty, much as Republican Governor Richard Ogilvie did when he lost to Democrat Dan Walker.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Alesia prosecuted the case.
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The photo comes from one of Arenda Troutman’s campaign web site.

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