Kim Skaja Makes Political Deal with Bob LaPorta to Help Herself and Mike Skala

Veteran Huntley District 158 Board Member Kim Skaja announced on “Huntley Neighbors” that candidate Rob LaPorta is announcing his withdrawal for School Board.

LaPorta is also running for Grafton Township Trustee.

You might think Huntley School District 158 would make the announcement, but apparently a political deal has been cut and Skaja wants the credit as king maker.

Skaja is one of four candidates for a four-year term who is now left unopposed.

So, it’s

“Get Larry Snow”


Of course, with only former board President Mike Skala challenging Snow for the two-year term and Snow having no running mates this time around, that’s been the goal all along.

= = = = =
Larry Snow is seen on the left. Mike Skala and Kim Skaja on the right.


Kim Skaja Makes Political Deal with Bob LaPorta to Help Herself and Mike Skala — 8 Comments

  1. You have made inflammatory statements before, Cal, but this one takes the cake!

    Your blatant propaganda for Snow, Seedorf, and Moore has reached the level of smear campaign and dirty politics.

    Your pathetic attempts to present your opinions as news aren’t worth the bits needed to store them.

  2. I hope someone sues you for publishing pictures of their children without their consent.

  3. Where’s your proof, Cal? Other than Kim sharing the information of Rob LaPorta withdrawing from the election on a public site, what proof do you have that Kim made a deal with Rob?

    Libel – defamation by written or printed words. Anything that is defamatory or that maliciously or damagingly misrepresents.

  4. noleph – If you comments are at all relevant to a story I have left them up.

    The previous one was not, so it is gone.

  5. Maybe Aileen needs to write a “freedom of speech” post for your blog… since you believe you have the right to present unsubstantiated accusations as fact.

  6. Mr. Skinner,

    Your post draws some interesting logical connections:
    – Per your headline, what “political deal” has been made? Are you floating the implication that Kim Skaja, because of her knowledge of information, has that knowledge as a direct result of a “political deal” or that Rob has withdrawn as a direct result of some “political deal?”
    – Because the district did not announce this, this suggests Skaja wants credit for something you refer to as “king maker.” Perhaps you can explain. This does not make sense.
    – Because Rob has withdrawn from the election for a 4-yr seat, it somehow has an affect on the 2-yr race. Rob, nor anyone up for the 4-yr term, has no affect on the 2-yr seats of Larry Snow or Mike Skala for that matter. I fail to see the connection.

  7. This is just so sad and pathetic. First off, the allegations are simply not true. Some unsuspecting and uninformed people may read this and will just believe it because it’s printed on the page. That makes me really angry, and it’s just plain wrong.

    I don’t understand why Mr. Skinner feels the need to create and stir trouble where none exists. It’s obvious who you want to win in this election, sir… but you have to be fair in your blog to all sides. You aren’t doing that. I’m all for the best man winning, whoever it may be — and the people of District 158 will decide that at election time. You are not a voter in that district.

    I really don’t understand either why you virtually never post anything regarding the school district that YOU live in, yet Huntley’s school district 158 is always being raked over the coals. What’s your desired end here? What they do doesn’t even affect you! Please explain.

    Please refrain from postings like this Mr. Skinner. All it does is upset people when you do this. It would really be a good thing if you could take the high road and be honorable by posting truths from both sides.

    Be harmonious, be peaceful, be fair.

  8. Pathetic — really pathetic. A new low, even by your despicable standards. It’s one thing for you advocate the candidacy of Moore, Snow, and all the other twisted people in this district/township, but THIS?!?!??!?! I’m done with you, Cal and you pathetic attempts. Next time you go to that church of yours, maybe you should say a few prayers to keep you silly behind from getting toasted in the Afterlife. I know I won’t see you in Heaven.

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