Kim Skaja Makes Political Deal with Bob LaPorta to Help Herself and Mike Skala

Veteran Huntley District 158 Board Member Kim Skaja announced on “Huntley Neighbors” that candidate Rob LaPorta is announcing his withdrawal for School Board.

LaPorta is also running for Grafton Township Trustee.

You might think Huntley School District 158 would make the announcement, but apparently a political deal has been cut and Skaja wants the credit as king maker.

Skaja is one of four candidates for a four-year term who is now left unopposed.

So, it’s

“Get Larry Snow”


Of course, with only former board President Mike Skala challenging Snow for the two-year term and Snow having no running mates this time around, that’s been the goal all along.

= = = = =
Larry Snow is seen on the left. Mike Skala and Kim Skaja on the right.

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