Northwest Herald’s Little Sister Paper in Kane County Goes to Five Days a Week

Shaw Newspapers’ Kane County Chronicle is downsizing.

It’s going from seven to five days.

And, it will become a tabloid.

Blame decreased advertising.

No more Sunday papers for the 12,000 circulation paper.

No more Monday.

Fear not, however.

Breaking news will be covered on its web site.

Both the Chronicle and the Northwest Herald are owned by the Dixon-based chain. The Northwest Herald claims about 40,000 circulation.

The drawback of resources follows the cutting back by Elgin’s Courier-News, one of its competitors, from seven-day a week coverage to six. The Courier-News is no longer published on Saturday. It is owned by the Chicago Sun-Times and shares advertising sections.

The Elgin paper recently converted to tabloid size, the first one of which you can see below.

It used to look like this:

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