Grafton Township Sign Wars

Incumbent Grafton Township Supervisor John Rossi seems to be winning the sign war. It’s interesting that this Lakewood and Miller Road posting has both candidates for Township Road Commissioner beside the big Rossi sign. From the design and other joint placements I have seen, I assume that Mike Romanelli is running with Re-elect Rossi, while incumbent Jack Freund seems to be on his own.

You will note a smaller sign with Rossi’s name, along with the incumbent township trustees.

It’s not like his challenger, Linda Moore, has none.

But, it’s hard to compete with 4 by 4 foot signs with simple yard signs.

Some of Moore’s do have a theme that echoes her literature’s criticism of Rossi’s having borrowed $3.5 million without benefit of getting voters to approve it in a refernedum.

They say


on one side.

The other says,


Both sides have Linda Moore bumper stickers underneath.

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