Voter Turnout Abysmal

You’d think there was a hot primary election in Grafton Township today.

There were mailing from both incumbent John Rossi and challenger Linda Moore.

Both distributed literature door-to-door.

Moore had made phone calls on Wednesday, Friday, Monday and today.

I’d post a picture of the Chezak Elementary School polling place for three precincts at 11:45 this morning, but I have uploaded so many photos onto Google’s Blogger that now I must pay an annual fee.

I paid it yesterday afternoon, but, apparently, it has not been processed yet, so please imagine a big room that is empty, except for bored judges from three big precincts.

Grafton Township Precinct 12 had 24 voters, Grafton 19 a mere 5 voters and Grafton 20 – 10 voters.

39 in all.

My own precinct is numbered Algonquin Township 7. I was the fifth voter at 3:30 this afternoon before picking up my son. I think Algonquin 19 had twelve.

And, coincidence of coincidences, both Algonquin 19’s GOP committeeman Joe Stecker and I were voting at the same time. Both of our polling places are at the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach House.

The judges couldn’t get past the front gate until 6:30 AM. It was cold standing outside trying to find someone with a key.

And the one they found?

The park district employee with the snow blower.

The judges didn’t indicate that anyone was disappointed in not being able to vote that early.

And, why are there township primaries?

In a sentence, incumbent Algonquin Township Assessor Forrest Hare’s overwhelming write-in defeat of the winner of the 1973 Republican Township caucus in 1973. Details are in these stories:

Democrats in Nunda and Algonquin Township selected their candidates in caucuses on pretty much the coldest night of the year. Don’t know how many people showed up at each, but I’ll bet it was not many.

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