Grafton Township’s Very Special Meeting Canceled

The folks that went to the special Grafton Township meeting last night found the doors locked and a notice that the meeting had been canceled due to lack of a quorum.

I have never heard of a meeting being canceled like that.

Usually, those attending wait for the roll to be called. If there are not enough members there to meet the minimum required to hold a meeting, they wait until the missing person or persons arrive, if they are coming, or adjourn the meeting for lack of a quorum.

The meeting was called to award contracts to build the new township hall for which John Rossi and a majority of the township board approved borrowing $3.5 million without first holding a referendum to gain voter approval. The woman he lost to, Linda Moore, made opposition to that new township hall the key stone of her campaign, as you can see above.

I have a new image to share with you, but can’t upload it because Google, which hosts McHenry County Blog, has not yet processed my Monday payment for additional memory for photos. It was supposed to be processed within 24 hours. It’s now going on four days.

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In the re-cycled photo above you can see Linda Moore handing literature to Milford Brown, who is running for the Huntley Fire Protection District Board. Sitting behind the table is her daughter Abby Moore, a senior at Huntley High School planning to study pharmaceutical science.

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