Rich Newspapers vs. Rich Folks Who Got Their Money Elsewhere

Rich Miller, who writes Capitol Fax Blog, asks a question today that stimulated a response from me:

Talking about the refusal of the Chicago Tribune to release emails between those seeking to help it get state money for the Tribune-owner Cubs’ Wrigley Field, Miller asks,

“Do you have any other questions the Trib should answer?”

Actually, I do have a question for the Tribune which has nothing to do with the subject of Miller’s article:

“Don’t you really favor limiting campaign contributions so rich newspaper owners can have more influence than rich folks who don’t own newspapers?”

The liberals mantra for campaign reform is


That pretty much guarantees two things:

  • Rich newspaper (radio, TV) owners will have more influence on the political process than rich non-media owners.
  • Rich folks will win elective office.

The later certainly has been too often the case in the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

Now rigorous and immediate campaign contribution reporting (which Illinois most certainly does not have), that would be reform. Add a requirement that those contributing report any contracts, including dollar amount, which they have will governments, local and state, and that would be real reform.

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That’s Capitol Fax’ Rich Miller being interviewed by WTTW in January, 2009, the day Rod Blagojevich presided over the Illinois Senate’s swearing in ceremony.

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