Crystal Lake City Council Candidate Mike Shorten Explains His Candidacy

Mike Shorten, who was disturbed enough with the choice for governor two years ago to mount a write-in campaign for governor, is running for an office he could win this year.

He’s one of eight candidates running for three seats. There are three incumbents running for re-election and five challengers.

Here is Shorten’s statement:

“On December 8th, I filed petitions to run as a candidate for Crystal Lake City Council.
“As councilman the people of Crystal Lake can expect that I will provide a fresh set of eyes on the challenges and obligations that face the city, and that my decisions as councilman will be measured based on the needs of the city with a firm respect towards the impact that those decisions have on the people in the community.
“My primary focus as councilman will be ensuring that the safety and security of the people is top priority.

“I will advocate for open and accessible government, work to control spending and identify ways to reduce taxes.

“I will support economic development that meets the needs of the city without infringing upon the rights of the people and work to ensure that the city’s infrastructure is maintained and improved.
“I look forward to presenting my views on the issues, and listening and considering others viewpoints as well.

“I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with neighborhood or community groups, and offer that anyone with interest please call 847-274-8336 or send me an e-mail
“For more information, please visit my website at”

He has a video on his web site.

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