Public Radio Finds Tax Hike Supporters in Dundee Township

I can’t tell you how I found this series of photos to WBEZ-FM interviewees, but they surely are interesting.

Advance 300’s Nancy Zettler is one of those interviewed. This is what is under her picture:

Nancy Zettler, co-chair of Advance 300, a group that organized support for a recent funding referendum, believes that the anti-tax lobbying has gotten too strong and that a pro-tax lobby needs to strike back. She spoke to us in northwest Dundee.

Besides Zettler, the following people were interviewed:

  • Nate Roth
  • John Near
  • Jerry Jacobs
  • Teresa Stupa
  • Matt Bishop

If I could find the links again, I’d make it easy for you to listen to them, but I can’t. (I can’t even tell you what year the interviews are from, but I found others from Maywood, Waukegan and Harvey.)

You can click on each image and read what WBEZ has put under their pictures, however.


Public Radio Finds Tax Hike Supporters in Dundee Township — 1 Comment

  1. I always laugh to myself when I hear cries for the so-called Fairness Doctrine. Apparently they don’t listen to public radio!

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