Message of the Day – A Wave

The State Journal-Register’s cartoonist Christ Britt has penned an empathetic cartoon concerning Governor Pat Quinn’s income tax hike efforts.

It is not demeaning like Chicago Sun-Times’ editorial cartoonist Jack Higgins’.

This cartoon has a big wave about to crash on Quinn, why is holding an umbrella labeled “TAXES” above his head.

Not only is Quinn about to be inundated, but the sand castle that he has just built with his bucket will be washed away.

The wave is labeled “DEFICIT.”

It seems to me that the sand castles should be labeled “ILLINOIS ECONOMY.”

What do you think business will do when they figure out that 9.7% of their income will be extracted by state taxes?

Will they want to move here?

Only Iowa at 12%, Minnesota at 9.8%, Pennsylvania at 9.99%, and DC at 9.975% have higher tax rates for business.

If you owned a business that did not have to be in Illinois, would you stay?

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