Democrat Frank Hyden Running for Algonquin Township Trustee

The following statement was received from Democratic Party candidate for Algonquin Township Trustee. The election will be April 7th.

“My name is Frank Hyden.

“I moved to Crystal Lake with my wife (deceased last year) and son in 1966. We moved into our present home in 1967.

“I worked at Oak Switch Systems in the Industrial Engineering department until my job was sent overseas.

“After that I started my own business as an Designer Craftsman, designing, making and selling silver and gold jewelry.

“After a few years at that, and as a sideline, I signed on as a school bus driver with Crystal lake school districts 47 and 155, where I soon became known as the grouchy bus driver who insisted on everyone being seated when the bus was in motion.

“I retired from my jewelry business about 5 years ago and from bus driving last year.

“I am running for a Trustee position, as a Democrat, in the April 7th, Algonquin Township election.

“One of my reasons for running for this office is that citizens of Algonquin Township have forever had only Republican representation, which I am certain was not the intentions of the writers of our Constitution.

“Electing Democrats to township offices will help bring an end to single party rule, a situation that needs to be corrected.

“I have had many years experience working with budgets and cost cutting. Skills that can be useful to any organization.

“Become part of McHenry County‚Äôs historic revolution. Help us vote some Democrats into public office.”

Algonquin Township Democrats are putting on their first campaign for Algonquin Township Office.

They have yard signs for their three candidates.

They made a catchy postcard mailing urging voters to “Vote for 3 on top, then stop.” That refers to the Democrats having top ballot position for the election.

They are also making telephone calls, probably to identified Democrats.

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