Huntley School District Releases Sexual Harassment Checks

In response to a Freedom of Information request I made after the Huntley School Board majority refused to place the issue of sexual harassments settlements on its agenda the first week of March, I received the following.

I can understand why the board majority would want to keep the issue quiet with an election coming up next week.

Former board majority school board President Mike Skala is facing off against Larry Snow and sexual harassment charge settlements might not look good for the folks running the school district.

The invoice information provided does not identify the three (presumably) women who received the checks. Their names are blacked out.

Here is all District 158 is willing to release to the public:

“Jul 18/08 07/18/2008 AP Payroll Net Checks Settlement Agreement”

You will note that the Huntley School District is not willing to say it is a “sexual harassment” settlement. (Click to enlarge any image.)

Clearly the powers that be did not want this information to become public.

The check number and “Account Number 10475” is also revealed.

Nothing was provided that would indicate that the school board ever considered, approved or voted on the payment in public or private.

One of the things that seems strange to me is why the checks are payroll checks. I’m certainly not an attorney, but I don’t think sexual harassment checks ordered by courts are subject to income taxes. If I’m wrong, perhaps one of the attorneys who reads McHenry County Blog will correct me so I can post accurate information.

No information was provided on the “hostile workplace” part of my Freedom of Information request.

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