Former Mike Tryon State Rep. Opponent Bob Kaempfe Runs Ads for Identified and Unidentified Local Democrats

Thanks to the campaign web site of the two Nunda Township candidates for township trustee—Meridith Reid Sarkees and Patrick Murfin—Republicans are forewarned that 16 radio ads will run on Star 105.5 Saturday and Sunday.

The man who ran against State Rep. Mike Tryon—Bob Kaempfe—is popping for them.

He had $1,200 left after the campaign.

The ads will promote the candidacy of five running as Democrats for township trustee in Nunda and Algonquin Township.

The three Democrats in Algonquin Township are Frank Hyden, Robert Franks, and James McTague.

Democrats on township ballots who are identified as such are more interesting.

Two are obvious because they ran for partisan county office last fall.

The Democratic Party candidate for county auditor, Kerry Julian, is running for Greenwood Township Clerk.

District 3 county board candidate Jeff Thirtyacre is running for Burton Township Road Commissioner.

Julian and Thirtyacre are running in non-partisan elections, as are two other candidates for Greenwood Township office.

Ed Riley is running for Greenwood Township Supervisor and Tom Ganka is running for Greenwood Township Road Commissioner. Democratic Party State Representative Jack Franks sent an endorsement letter for Riley.

All races are contested.

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